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On Tuesday 4 November, you are invited to join this autumn’s international auction of coins, which takes place in Nordhavn in Copenhagen.

Denmark’s first double d’or

As we all know, something is either “unique” or it isn’t – there is nothing in between! When Denmark’s first double d’or from 1826, which to date has been considered a one-off, is featured in this catalogue, it must, therefore, be ascertained that it is no longer unique – and yet, as the only one of its kind in private ownership, it is, without argument, the most important item of the auction. Still, as usual, the selection of good Danish and Danish-Norwegian coins is excellent. But where beautiful ducats and impressive speciedalers seem to speak for themselves, it is perhaps fitting here to draw your attention to the fine selection of small and more humble coins, which on closer inspection turn out to be incredible rarities. Small can also be beautiful! Examples of these include the penny from Erik Lam (lot. 5046), King Hans’ witten from Visby (lot. 5057), the Norwegian penny from Olav Kyrre (lot. 5257) and the English penny from Bristol minted in the name of Canute the Great (lot. 5402).

Danish West Indies and Antiquity

The sheer quality of an almost complete suite from the former Danish colonies in the West Indies is striking (lot. 5214 – 5256). The majority of the ancient Greek and Roman coins also possess a state of preservation that far exceeds what one usually sees on the Nordic market. The section of tokens and medals has been graced with a rare ensemble of Imperial Russian tokens assigned to Vice Admiral Lev Aleksejev Ljubimov (lot. 5490).

Jørgen Sømod's Collection

It is a particular pleasure for us to be able to offer a substantial part of the collection of the late Jørgen Sømod (1944 - 2012). Say what you will about the charismatic and controversial coin dealer, but the fact that he possessed a very special numismatic intuition and analytical skill is undeniable. Jørgen Sømod was also highly productive until his death, leaving behind a large number of scholarly and popular articles and books on Danish and Danish-Norwegian coins and medals. His knowledge of jetons and tokens was legendary, and in this catalogue, we present some of the very rarest tokens from his private collection, not to mention a number of equally rare numismatic books.
Speaking of books, we should also point out lot 5717 – a royal gift copy of “Beskrivelsen” (the description) of the royal coin collection, published in 1791.

We look forward to a long and exciting auction day with many highlights.


Preview at Baltikavej 10


Friday 24 October

10 am – 3.30 pm

Friday 31 October

10 am – 3.30 pm

Monday 3 November

10 am – 5 pm

Tuesday 4 November

9 am – the auction ends

Preview at Copenhagen Coin Fair


Sunday 2 November

10 am – 5 pm



852, Baltikavej
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Tuesday, 4 November at 10 AM

Preview starting Friday 24 October

Coins, Lot no. 5000–5741

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