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When we open the doors for this autumn's major international coin auction on Baltikavej in Copenhagen's Nordhavn, we will be auctioning off 739 lots with numismatic rarities. The ultimate highlight is a double speciedaler struck in Norway and estimated at DKK 1.2 million.


Regardless of whether you are a collector of coins or not, you should allow yourself the unique pleasure of studying cat. no. 447 at this numismatic auction. The coin is a double speciedaler struck in Norway in 1658 under the Danish King Frederik III. "Unique" - hardly any other word has as enticing a sound to a coin collector's ear. Unique main types can with few exceptions only be seen in museums, and for even the greatest collectors the ultimate boon would therefore be a piece, about which one could say that it was "unique within private collections."

Therefore, when we at this auction can present an imposing main type that not only is truly unique, but so far has been quite unknown to both collectors and all museum specialists in Denmark and abroad, then we will probably be excused, if we do not restrain ourselves from speaking of a sensation. That this magnificent coin is destined to become the most expensive coin ever sold at auction in Denmark, is quite natural, for what it can claim in rarity, it also possesses in aesthetic appeal, quality and historical significance. 


Older Danish Coins

We can also present an extraordinarily large and fine selection of older Danish and Danish-Norwegian coins, of which no less than 70 examples were struck before Valdemar the Great ascended to the throne in 1154. To give you an idea of ​​the auction's selection of distinctive coin types from recent historical times we can mention: twenty double, one, and half talers from Christian IV, eleven Ebenezer pieces struck in connection with the assault on Copenhagen in 1659, twenty-two Norwegian crowns from Christian V, four talers struck at the occasion of Frederik V's journey to Norway in 1749, five Albert talers from Christian VII, nineteen single and double d'ors, etc., etc.


Ancient Rarities

The number of ancient coins is modest, but the quality is good and the ultimate icon, within numismatics of the ancient world, a signed dekadrachm from Syracuse, does not exactly belong to the everyday occurrences at Danish auctions. Particularly interesting among the foreign coins is a fine example of an Irish penny from the late Viking Age, known only to exist in very few copies.



The section of banknotes is impressively led by a 100 kroner from 1894 and two fifty-kroner notes from 1900 and 1907, and it continues with, among others, no less than five different signature variations of the extremely rare 100 kroner note 1924 without litra A, which was only known to exist in two copies in total by the authors of Sieg's banknote catalogue 2014!



Beautiful historic medals, which many coin collectors quite curiously do not care about, have also found their way into the catalogue , which aptly concludes with another auction catalogue up for auction – the publication covering Count Otto Thott's excellent coin and medal collection, which was sold in 1788 and 1789.


As usual, we look forward to welcoming collectors of both "small" and "large" collections for a long day, which this time will go down in auction history.



Tuesday 3 November at 10 am at Baltikavej 10 in Copenhagen's Nordhavn.


Times for the Preview

  • Sunday 1 November  10 am - 5 pm (At Copenhagen Coin Fair 2015)

  • Friday 23 October 10 am - 3:30 pm

  • Monday 2 November 10 am - 5 pm

  • Tuesday 3 November 9 am - 10 am


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860, Baltikavej
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Tuesday, 3 November at 10 AM

Preview starting Friday 23 October

Coins, Lot no. 1–739

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