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Bruun Rasmussen is holding an auction approximately four times a year of items being sold at the request of lawyers, for example, in connection with bankruptcy and the like.


The Danish Ministry of Justice has tightened up the rules governing forced sales, to the effect that in future they may only take place as traditional auctions. Bruun Rasmussen is therefore now launching forced sale auctions, which will be overseen by an auctioneer.

What will be sold at these auctions?

Items within the following categories will be sold at the forced sale auctions: art, antiques, modern design, jewellery, books, stamps, coins, wine and weapons. All items will be offered at favourable reserve prices, so there is a very good chance of picking up a bargain!

Forced sale – how?

The auctions will take place approximately four times a year from 3 pm at Sundkrogsgade 30 in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn. You can turn up and join in with the bidding when the auctioneer swings the hammer over the items up for auction. However, the forced sales begin with prior bidding here on the website, where you have the opportunity to bid on the effects ten days before the final auction. The bids achieved online will be the start prices at the auction. If no bids are received at the auction, the item will go to the person who submitted the highest bid online.

When can the items be viewed?

  • They will be presented with descriptions and photos here on the website ten days before the final auction.

  • They can also be inspected at a preview at one of Bruun Rasmussen’s departments at Sundkrogsgade 30 and Baltikavej 10 in Copenhagen or Søren Frichs Vej 34 D in Aarhus. The description on the website will state where the preview of a given item is to take place.

  • All forced sales will be advertised in the local papers in Copenhagen or Aarhus around 14 days before the auction.


For further information, please contact:
In Copenhagen
Kasper Nielsen: +45 8818 1121 ·

In Aarhus
Peter Beck: +45 8818 1186 ·



Forced sale

317, Havnen
20 Jun   › Show prices

Monday, 20 June at 3 PM

Preview starting Friday 10 June

Forced sale, Lot no. 1–100

› Show prices 
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