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International auktion i Bredgade

International auction at Bredgade

The doors will soon open to the next international auction, where we will present a wide range of art, antiques, jewellery and design.

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Miniature Maps up for Auction

Veritable sea battles, blowing whales and all kinds of imaginary swimming creatures adorn the extensive collection of miniature maps from Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the Arctic, which we have the pleasure of offering at the online auction in week 8.

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A Tale of Two Exhibitions

In February, we will be presenting international exhibitions in Paris and London with a selection of some of the finest artwork and designs from the upcoming auction in Bredgade.

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Antiquarian Inventory up for Sale

The old and reputable antiquarian bookshop "Nansensgade Antikvariat" in Copenhagen has closed its doors for good, and the shop's many antique books are now up for auction.

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Threads through Art History

In a series of interviews, we talk with our employees about their daily work at the auction house. This time it is about our expert in external valuation, Nadia Sehestedt Juul.

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Fine Champagne and Burgundy

You would have to search for a long time in the annals of Bruun Rasmussen to find as great sections with champagne and red and white Burgundy as we have here at auction 1605. The high quality within these sections is, however, in no means at the expense of the auction's other lots, which also keep to an excellent level.

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Theories and Collages

When you are courting a lovely woman, an hour can feel like a second. When you are sitting on hot coals, a second can feel like an hour. That is relativity.

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"Art on Paper" Auction

There is currently a great demand for fine art on paper, and we are therefore looking for artwork for a theme auction, which will take place during Easter 2016.

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Beautiful Coins

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a well-known expression, and with this week's coin auction we believe that even the most discerning numismatists can find a piece of true beauty for their collection.

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Special valuation days

We regularly arrange special valuation events around and about in Denmark. Come and meet us when we visit a town near you. The list is updated regularly.

10/2 Valuation, Hotel Marienlyst
11/2 Jewellery and watches, Aarhus
11/2 Jewellery and watches, Copenhagen
24/2 Valuation, Aarhus
24/2 Oriental Art, Flensborg
25/2 Quistgaard Items, Langå
9/3 Oriental Art, Aarhus
10/3 Oriental Art, Odense
15/3 Russian art, Copenhagen
17/3 Oriental Art, Copenhagen
1/4 Weapons, Odense
2/4 Weapons, Odense
3/4 Weapons, Odense
18/4 Stamps and Coins, Kolding
25/4 Stamps and Coins, Aalborg
29/4 Stamps and Coins, Odense
11/5 KUNSTEN, Aalborg
19/5 Valuation, Odense
25/5 Valuation, Aarhus
31/8 Valuation, Aarhus
7/9 Valuation, Hotel Marienlyst
26/9 Oriental Art, Aarhus
27/9 Oriental Art, Odense
4/10 Russian Art, Copenhagen
6/10 Oriental Art, Copenhagen
2/11 Valuation, Aarhus
17/11 Valuation, Odense

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