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Absolut sidste frist for indlevering!

Final deadline for submission!

We are looking for art, antiques, design and jewellery for our next international auction in June. The submission deadlines are in April.

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Traditional auctions

Online auctions

Special spring opening hours

In connection with the spring public holidays, our departments at Sundkrogsgade 30, Baltikavej 10 in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn and Søren Frichs Vej 34 D in Aarhus have limited opening hours.

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J. Schmidt-Andersen’s collection

It is a great pleasure to be able to present J. Schmidt-Andersen’s impressive gold medal collection of Denmark’s first stamp “4 RBS" 1851-1854 at a number of upcoming auctions.

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Easy freight / Your US contact

We know that it is crucial for our customers to have their auction purchases transported back to their home country easily and securely. If requested, we readily arrange transportation for you.

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International Coin Auction

On Tuesday 12 May, we will be shedding light on Danish history and the numismatic creations of more distant lands at the traditional auction of coins, medals and notes.

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PH’s own lamp

A PH-lamp from Poul Henningsen’s private residence on Brogårdsvej in Gentofte is looking for a new home, about 80 years after it was first hung in the architect’s home. Bid at auction 1518!

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Good news for all wine enthusiasts

The wine auctions are abuzz with activity right now. If you are considering selling your wine, now is definitely the time to do it!

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Special valuation days

We regularly arrange special valuation events around and about in Denmark. Come and meet us when we visit a town near you. The list is updated regularly.

24/4 Coins & Stamps, Aabenraa
25/4 "Guld i Købstæderne", Hillerød
26/4 "Guld i Købstæderne", Hillerød
29/4 "Mit Kæreste Eje", Bryrup
8/5 Coins & Stamps, Odense
9/5 "Guld i Købstæderne", Nyborg
10/5 Guld i Købstæderne, Nyborg
13/5 "Mit Kæreste Eje", Hornslet
20/5 Silver, Koldinghus
23/5 "Guld i købstæderne", Sønderborg
24/5 "Guld i købstæderne", Sønderborg
6/6 "Guld i købstæderne", Aakirkeby
7/6 "Guld i købstæderne", Aakirkeby
10/6 "Mit Kæreste Eje", Odder
20/6 "Mit Kæreste Eje", Åbyhøj
26/8 Bruun Rasmussen, Aarhus
9/9 Strand- & Badehotel Marienlyst, Helsingør
7/10 Bruun Rasmussen, Aarhus

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