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Auktionen i Bredgade er i fuld gang!

The Bredgade Auction Is in Full Swing

Avant-garde art from the 1960s and designs by Danish architects – the international auction continues with contemporary art and Nordic design.

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Avantgarde in Copenhagen

From the end of the 1950s through to the 1970s, Copenhagen became a catalyst for the expansion of international avant-garde ideas and movements. At the late summer auction in Bredgade we dive into the period’s growing art scene with a number of important works of art.

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Moos' Museum Table

In 1968 Peder Moos created a version of his beautiful  ”Museum Table" commissioned by the doctor Gert Poulsen. The furniture, along with the correspondence between the uncompromising cabinetmaker and his customer, will be sold at our late summer auction in Bredgade.

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A Monumental Mosaic Landscape

At the international auction in Bredgade you can experience the monumental landscape piece ”Out from Under” by the internationally renowned Danish artist Ebbe Stub Wittrup. The artwork consists of no less than 100 photographs.

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Je suis de Bruun Rasmussen

In a series of interviews, we talk with our employees about their daily work at the auction house. This time we focus on our international representative in Paris, Ditte Herborg Krogh.

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Cylinders, Edges and Geometry

The Danish ceramic artist Bodil Manz is well known by collectors worldwide, and at the current online auction we can present a fine selection of her work that comes from a major private collection.

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Bottles for Rare Occasions

Auction 1639 is an auction you do not want to miss out on if you have a broad interest in wine and you want to taste a number of different top wines without emptying out your bank account. It is primarily due to chance, but at the moment we have a selection of the most amazing individual bottles from virtually every corner of the vinous world map.

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Special valuation days

We regularly arrange special valuation events around and about in Denmark. Come and meet us when we visit a town near you. The list is updated regularly.

27/9 Oriental Art, Odense
28/9 "Mit kæreste Eje", Fårup
4/10 Valuation, Copenhagen
4/10 Russian Art, Copenhagen
4/10 Orientalsk Art, Flensborg
5/10 Valuation, Göteborg
6/10 Oriental Art, Copenhagen
7/10 Stamps/Coins, Aalborg
14/10 Stamps/Coins, Herning
28/10 Stamps/Coins, Haderslev
1/11 Valuation, Sorø
2/11 Valuation, Aarhus
4/11 Stamps/Coins, Odense
17/11 Valuation, Odense

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