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Every week of the year, you have the opportunity to bid on more than 1,500 works of art, design classics, antiques and collectibles at our online auction.

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Hammer Prices and Museum Purchases

The year’s first traditional auction in Copenhagen resulted in many remarkable hammer prices and new acquirements for the Danish museums. Among the biggest surprises were a couple of 1930s furniture pieces by Danish architect Flemming Lassen and a photograph by the superstar Cindy Sherman.

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On the Lookout for Russian Art

We concluded the latest international auction in Copenhagen with a great Russian sale. We are therefore on the lookout for art and antiques from the Tsar period in Russia for our upcoming theme auctions in May. We will exhibit certain highlights in London during Russian Art Week.

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Meet Us in Paris!

We have handpicked a series of different artwork from our summer auction and will exhibit them in Paris on 21-22 March. Everyone is welcome.

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Sell at Auction!

We are currently looking for art, design, antiques, jewellery and wristwatches for our next international auction in May and June.

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"A Poet Is Like the Bird Fluttering Above the Meadow"

The words belong to Hans Christian Andersen, and they come from a poetic and previously unknown dedication addressed to Henriette Collin. There are several presentation copies with wondrous words at the year's first book auction alongside modern art books and avant-garde publications.

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Special valuation days

We regularly arrange special valuation events around and about in Denmark. Come and meet us when we visit a town near you. The list is updated regularly.

20/3 Asian Art, Coopenhagen
21/3 Coins & Stamps, Roskilde
23/3 Weapons, Odense
24/3 Weapons, Odense
25/3 Weapons, Odense
8/4 Coins, Aalborg
11/4 Fashion Items, Copenhagen
12/4 Coins & Stamps, Holstebro
19/4 Coins & Stamps, Odense
21/4 Coin Fair, Helsingborg (Sweden)
2/5 Coins & Stamps, Aarhus
15/5 Valuation, Vejle
30/5 Coins, Stamps & Wine, Næstved
12/6 Valuation, Holbæk
28/6 Georg Jensen Jewellery, Copenhagen
9/10 Vintage Jewellery, Copenhagen
31/10 Coins & Stamps, Aarhus

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