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The department in Vejle

Pedersholm Manor, a protected building dating from 1770, is the modern framework for Bruun Rasmussen in Vejle. Here you will find a wide range of antiques, modern and old art, and furniture and household effects.

Tradition and new ground being turned

Since 1990 Bruun Rasmussen has been holding auctions at Pedersholm Manor – a building protected under the Danish national trust - in Vejle.

The parking lot tells its own story: you cannot fail to notice the number of cars with trailers, while a lively stream of paintings, mirrors and commodes moves in and out of the doors. We are in Jutland, more specifically we are at Pedersholm Manor in Vejle, which has been attracting antiques dealers and private customers from far and wide for more than 25 years.

From New York to Nørre Snede

The distance to Bruun Rasmussen’s Jutland headquarters is manageable no matter where in the country you are coming from. Moreover, just one hour’s drive from the frontier the auction house receives many German clients. At Pedersholm Manor Mr. Nielsen from Nørre Snede meets art dealers from New York, antiques dealers from Germany and professionals from the rest of Europe. The mixture of local and foreign dealers, dedicated collectors and private purchasers lends the manor a special atmosphere all of its own.

Worth an outing

Many guests combine the previews with outings for all the family. The more passionate among visitors do not always find one day enough, as the manor and its surroundings constantly offer new enjoyments and immersion in new cultural pleasures. On summer days, the adjacent park offers rich opportunities for enjoying a picnic and digesting the many impressions under the shade of the towering trees.

Pedersholm’s guests will also be able to enjoy the sight of a new modern extension which sprouted from the earth in the winter 2002. When building onto a protected building dating from the eighteenth century there are many things to be considered. Bruun Rasmussen wanted a new building which in interplay with Pedersholm’s beautiful main building would act as an exhibition site for modern art and design.

The new building underlines the strength of Bruun Rasmussen’s Jutland anchorage. With 1,500 new, functional square meters the auction house is now equipped for future initiatives in the Jutland market.


Opening hours

Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm


Herregården Pedersholm

Pedersholms Allé 42

DK-7100 Vejle




+45 8818 1100

+45 8818 1101



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