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Sale and Valuation

More than 60 years of experience, comprehensive resources of expert knowledge and an international clientele allow Bruun Rasmussen to achieve the highest possible hammer prices. Below you will find a description of how to have items valuated, and on how to stay updated on the latest exceptional hammer prices and museum purchases at Bruun Rasmussen.

Valuation at Bruun Rasmussen

The first step in any auction sale at Bruun Rasmussen is the valuation. With more than 50 valuation experts in areas as diverse as fine art, antiques, modern art, design, books, jewellery, stamps, coins, arms and armour and wine, Bruun Rasmussen covers a wide spectrum.

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Bruun Rasmussen's Valuation Branches

You can visit Bruun Rasmussen daily at Sundkrogsgade 30 and at Baltikavej 10 in Nordhavn in Copenhagen and at Søren Frichs Vej 34 D in Aarhus for advice and valuation - free of charge and non-binding - and for submission of any item you may wish to put up for auction. Please note, there is no valuation at Bredgade 33.

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Online Valuation

Via our website, Bruun Rasmussen offers online valuation of your items free of charge and non-binding.

Valuation at Your Home

By appointment, Bruun Rasmussen carries out valuations at private homes in Denmark and abroad in connection with large sales, division of property, insurance claims and more. Please contact our branches in Copenhagen or Aarhus.

Exceptional Hammer Prices and Museum Purchases

Not only does Bruun Rasmussen achieve the highest hammer prices; as a result of the quality of the items presented for sale, Bruun Rasmussen collaborates with museums around the world.

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